The Azure Cost Metrics Project

There’s a good amount of information available about managing Azure costs (and it’s a good idea to start here to learn how to maximize the use of the Azure Cost Management tool).

What’s missing, as far as I can see, is a detailed walkthrough of the lifecycle of a solution built on Azure from a runtime cost optimization point of view. To add this to the conversation, I’m starting a project which, perhaps somewhat loftily, I’m calling the Azure Cost Metrics Project.

So what is it?

I’m going to:

  • Use the Azure Architecture Center to find real-world patterns
  • Estimate the costs using the Azure Pricing Calculator
  • Deploy a solution (for example, a N-Tier application built using VMs or serverless) to my Azure tenant
  • Track the costs at not just the aggregate level (i.e., I spent 10 Euros) but also, break apart the cost sources and map them to create a more comprehensive view of how costs are generated
  • Write it up, make videos and share the details with you!

Azure costs, as viewed via the Cost Analysis tool, are primarily divided into the following main categories:

  • Accumulated Costs
  • Costs by Resource
  • Daily Costs
  • Costs by Service
  • Invoice Details

I’m going to track the costs for each solution using these metrics and the sub-categories that lie behind them.

The goal is to keep the total monthly spend at 50 Euros per month so I’ll have to keep a sharp eye out.

Should be fun!

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